About me

I come from a family in which there are no horse riders and which definitely does not have an affinity for horses. This is why my parents were so surprised when, at the age of 6, I had the uncontrollable desire to go horse riding. 
Although I had the opportunity to get to know and try out many different types of sport when I was young, the only one which stood out for me was horse riding.
At first, my parents thought it was simply a typical little girl’s dream that would soon be over, but since then it has become the main focus in my life.

My horses, none of which was easy and mostly not ideal for a young girl entering sports tournaments, taught me an infinite amount. Mainly because they were so challenging and definitely not a walk in the park. 
To some extent, it was an incredibly difficult journey, but for all the problems, it was the only one I wanted to take. There were also many wonderful experiences, like my early successes and the rapid progress. But I also experienced despair and partial stagnation due to illness-related setbacks and absences.
In any case, my life with horses has taught me patience.

In particular, the work I do with the young horses is incredibly fulfilling as they are talented, eager to learn, clever, focused and still so playful and adorable.

I am …

Legal associate LL.B (WU)
Dressage horse trainer up to Grand Prix Level

Master Business Law, WU Wien
Master Equine Science, Edinburgh – The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Part time employed in family owned consulting-company

Apart from that, I like to read, I am interested in politics and documentaries and I love good food.


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