over the years


First riding lesson


First pony of my own

Season 2010

  • RD1 license
  • Runner-up national champion Pony Dressage Vienna
  • First successful international entries in the Alpe Adria Trophy

Season 2011

  • International victories and podium places in the Alpe Adria Trophy 2011
  • Runner-up national champion in youth dressage
  • RD2-RD3 license
  • Numerous victories and placings in LM and LP (Light to Medium Level Dressage)

Switch from pony to large horse and entry into Medium Level Dressage

  • Numerous victories and placings in Medium Level Dressage
  • RD4 license (permission to enter Advanced Level Dressage events)
  • From RD1 -RD4 in 18 months
  • Youngest RD4 rider in Austria (13 years old)

Season 2012

  • Victories in Advanced Level Dressage (St. Georges)
  • Placing in Intermediate I
  • First Intermediate II at 14 years old

Season 2013

  • First Grand Prix entry aged 15 years with Coachphone’s Illuminati
  • Precisely 3 years after acquiring RD1 license (Novice Level Dressage)

Season 2014 - 2015


  • Complete reorganization and reset
    Successful in Medium Level Dressage


  • Placings in Advanced Level Dressage
    Training with Michael Putz in Germany

Season 2016

The long way back to Grand Prix Level
A steady up and down due to Coachphone’s  Illuminati’s physical condition.
Constant rehabilitation training, the next relapse regularly just before shows – frustrating!

Start of training a young mare (4 year-old)
First horse schooled by myself:  Dorian Grey V

Training at Koschel Dressage in Hagen a.T.W, Germany

Season 2017 - 2018


  • First successful young dressage horse classes with Dorian Grey in Germany


  • Coachphone’s Illuminati’s final retirement due to health reasons at 20 years of age. He is enjoying his retirement in the field.
  • Dorian Grey placed in Germany
  • Relocation of Dorian Grey from Germany to Austria

Season 2019 - 2020


  • Several victories in LM class (Light to Medium)


  • Successful entries and placings in Medium class

Season 2021

  • First successful entry in Advanced Level (Prix St. Georges) with Dorian Grey

Premature end of season due to illness

  • Start of training a young gelding (3 year-old) – It’s Romance

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